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Global Net Sports Agency &

Communications CC

We are Africa’s premier sports agency and international sports management firm based in Windhoek, Namibia offering a wide range of services to the soccer industry.

Our Goals

We promote, represent and manage the career needs of soccer players and coaches and to assist soccer clubs/national federations from all over the world in many areas.

The Management

Global net sports agency and communications is having a good management team that is dedicated to the company. The founders of Global net sports agency and communications are dedicated and determined to make the venture a successful and profitable business. As we know, sport is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world, Global net sports agency and communications has an opportunity to capitalize a major change by getting off to a quick start and expanding quickly. This will be a major benefit to all sports men and women and mostly for our footballers and football associations.


We have represantatives in various countries throughout Africa, Europe and South America. Here is some of our African represantative.

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