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Player-Coach Management Services

Management of soccer players /coaches from Africa and Europe. Also, we manage both track and field athletes in all sports.

Sports Scholarship Programmes

We help with sports scholarship into various top universities in USA and Canada.

Sports wear & Equipment Supplies

We manufacture sports equipments of various kinds. Also we produce top quality sportswear clothing’s ranging from soccer boots, tracksuits, bibs, balls, jerseys, trainer’s-shirts etc.

Turf Supplier

We sale artificial pitches (ASTRO-TURF) of top quality and certified by FIFA.

Stadium Design Consultancy

We assist in stadium design/construction.

International Friendly Tournament Matches

We offer our service to sports association(s) and most especially soccer association in this area FIFA uses these matches to grade countries and the quality of this matches (Here we mean the opposition in such a match) counts a lot!

Training camps for the national teams

With about 12 different training camps all over the world which we are affiliated to, we guarantee the best of modern day training for the teams and the quality of our service is that we make sure any team going on such a trip under our agency’s umbrella get the best of treatment and comfort so desired.

Local Tournaments

We organize soccer tournaments, such as youth cups and grass root tournaments.

Global Netsports Services

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